Unlike Bitcoin and many other alternative coins CASH does not have a fixed coin supply cap. This does not mean that CASH is more inflationary than other coins. The minting design attempts to better mimic gold and precious metals than other coins do. Gold does not have a known money supply cap either, but we know that it is reliably scarce. For many years the annual inflation of gold has been around 1-3%.

    In CASH there are two types of minting, proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS). The PoW minting rate is regulated by Moore's Law, which dictates that our ability in PoW grows exponentially. We are aware that Moore's Law eventually has to end, but by that time inflation in CASH will likely already be approaching precious metal levels. The PoS minting introduces a maximum 10% annual inflation. CASH transaction (tx) fees are destroyed to counter inflation. So overall the CASH minting design is still a very low inflation comparable to Bitcoin.

    There is a 47,433,600 coin maximum value in the source code, but that is only used for consistency checking and is not meant to be part of the minting design.

    To be clear, the actual cap on the coin size is not 47,433,600 and will end up being much lower. The actual cap is totally dependent on market interest and user adoption.

    For more information money supply can be found in the CASH get info in debug console output so you can see how many coins are in the network.

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